Apr 5

Minty Fresh

Minty Fresh

1. F3018 Ariela
2. F3170 Adaye
3. F3298 Laoise
4. F3016 Ariela
5. F3158 Sachi
6. ML1070 Ginie
7. F3178 Ibis
8. ML1018 Elizabeth
9. F3176 Bade


We know that emerald is the official color of 2013, but we’re loving its distant cousin MINT just a little too much right now! This softer shade from the green family is being seen everywhere and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Not only is it such a fun shade for the Spring season but the color just simply looks good on everyone! Fortunately, if you haven’t jumped on the mint band wagon yet Melie Bianco has you covered! Our gorgeous mint handbags are simply to die for , but don’t just take our word for it check them out yourself!


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