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Spring '24 Trends

Although we're still in the transition of Winter to Spring it's never too early to say hello to Spring '24 trends! A new season is underway and is already here on Melie Bianco. 

Trends this season range from new and refreshing concepts to reoccurring revival of the early 2010's. For us at Melie Bianco we've touched on some of the hottest trends for our newest collections with different and unique silhouettes to following color trend analysis and even different materials for the season. 


1. High Fashion Fringe

The first hot topic trend is 'High Fashion Fringe' - although fringe has had a pretty reputable aesthetic in the early 2010s, it's back with a new look and feel. A renaissance if you will. Some looks from the runway include it's original 'boho' feel while new ones take on a new grungier aesthetic. 

Some of our fringe looks at Melie Bianco follow more of the original feel of the 'boho' fringe with beachy tote bags and small handbags with beaded fringe. The Lilibeth is another less boho option with it's different color ways you can find one that fits your vibe just right. 

2. Sky Blue

There are blue skies reported ahead, according to trend reports more specifically sky blue. Blue as of the last couple seasons has transitioned into a neutral and can easily be incorporated into your spring wardrobe. 

Our bag selects for Sky Blue include the Mischa shoulder bag for a more classic look, the Rihanna tote bag if you're needing that 'mega' look bag, and the Frieda for a different and unique silhouette. 

3. Colorful Sneakers

Just by walking outside you can see there's a retirement in the white sneaker look. A change in pattern is with a bold of pop of color to your everyday look and even matching your sneakers to your handbag and accessories. 

For more bold color selection we picked our more bright colored handbags. Starting with the Tyla in pink and our classic Willow in pistachio to go with the more bright and bold looks. For the more muted look we have the Mischa in blue, Terri in yellow, and Carrie in yellow.